Our Hay & Straw

The Last Resort Farm grows approximately 90 acres of certified organic mixed grass and clover hay for horse, dairy and sheep customers. We offer small square bales, both  first and second cut. Mulch hay and round bales are also generally available on request

Please call 802-453-2847 for prices and schedule of availability. Discounts provided for prompt off-wagon pick up.

Hay Share

The hay share is very similar to our farm share program, but also offers a few other key benefits. In addition to earning a 10% discount on all hay and straw purchases, hay share members will be able to:

  1. Reserve hay in the value of their hay share

  2. Will be contacted first when we have hay available on the wagons for increased savings (our hay is $.50/bale less expensive before it's been loaded into the barn)

  3. Receive free winter storage


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