PYO Schedule

-1st DAY!!!- Sunday 6/18: 8am-12pm -1st DAY!!!

Monday 6/19: 8am-12pm

Tues 6/20 : Closed

Weds 6/21: Closed

Thurs 6/22: 8am-12pm

Friday 6/23: 8am-12pm

Saturday 6/24: 8am-4pm

Sunday 6/25: 8am-4pm

 About Pick Your Own

One of the first Vermont farms to offer organic pick your own strawberries, Last Resort Farm is a great place to pick berries. With experience growing strawberries since 1983, Sam and Eugenie's organic production methods guarantee the tastiest, safest-to-eat fruit.

Conventional strawberries are one of the most heavily sprayed crops nationwide. Strawberries are 90% water and absorb those sprays. Last Resort Farm offers a healthier, better-tasting alternative.

Unique to the farm is a special section of Toddler Rows where children can roam while accompanied by an adult, and learn the joys of picking, free from strict rules about where to step. 

Family Friendly

Pick-your-own red and black currants, raspberries, mulberries, and blueberries by appointment only. Call 802-453-2847 for more information.

Other Berries